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McElroy Hire Equipment

PSAH Pty Ltd know fusion and we have one of the largest and most diverse range of McElroy polywelding available today. Our goal is to offer our customers great rates, top quality machines and the best overall service in the industry. We work closely with our clients to ensure all machines are site compliant.

Our hire equipment is quality checked to ensure it meets the safety guidelines required on your job site.

Our McElroy hire equipment includes all the appropriate safety labelling, operational methods, and fire suppression equipment you need on site.

There are plenty of rental fusion machines in the marketplace, but how do you know if your next rental machine is properly maintained and ready to perform? All of our machines undergo a thorough service and inspection regime prior to being returned.

PSAH Pty Ltd can supply the following hire equipment:

DataLogger® DL4, DL5 & DL 6 | DynaMc® EP250 | TracStar® Super 250 | Rolling® 250 | TracStar® 412 | TracStar® 618 | TracStar® 500 III | TracStar® 630 | TracStar® 900 | MegaMc® 1648 | TracStar® 1200 | Tallon® 2000 | LineTamer trailer | Pipe stands | Stub end holders & Inditch Kits.

We know pipelines and civil construction, and have one of the largest and most diverse range of pipeline equipment available today.