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Pond Decommissioning

Pond Liner Cutting Services

Recycling is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to dispose of unwanted pond liners from decommissioned mining sites.

The future of the mining industry is dependent on the legacy it leaves. Its reputation is affected when mines are abandoned or detrimental environmental issues emerge because they have not been appropriately addressed.

Our team is fully equipped and compliant to enter onto the gas fields to load and remove the pipe and pond liner from your various staging locations. Our combined knowledge, experience and extensive fleet provide us with the flexibility to deliver successful outcomes on numerous projects at the same time, effectively and efficiently.

We can send our company representative to meet with you and discuss the best way to remove the pipe with the least interference to your operations.

Pond Liner Re-rolling & Extraction Services

PSAH Pty Ltd strive to make mine site decommissioning and site reclamation as effortless as possible. We can assist with pond liner cutting and extraction services.

Our team will work alongside you during the decommissioning stage and provide advice on how to prepare the material for handover to our team

We know pipelines and civil construction, and have one of the largest and most diverse range of pipeline equipment available today.