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HDPE Pipe Caps

Save time, increase safety and protect your pipe.

Using our HDPE pipe caps will protect your pipe from dust and other contaminants that may blow around in the atmosphere or during storms while pipes are on site.

Our pipe caps will also prevent wildlife from establishing homes inside your stored pipe and protect workers from having to remove aggressive and sometimes deadly wildlife from within pipe.

Our caps have been designed with a breather hole to prevent them popping off during night time temperature changes.


  • Our caps are re-usable
  • Designed to keep out wildlife
  • Protect from dust and contamination
  • Don’t come off during handling
  • Designed with a breath hole to ensure they stay on during night time temperature changes
  • Internal pipe cap, with matching SDR of pipe
  • Sizes from 90mm to 800mm Available now!

We know pipelines and civil construction, and have one of the largest and most diverse range of pipeline equipment available today.