Pipeline Supplies and Hire

Pipeline Supplies and Hire is the cornerstone of the PSAH group, it kicked off with a small group of people of technically gifted Australian mechanics in Redcliffe Peninsular over a decade ago and has grown to be the biggest supplier of McElroy Machinery in Australia. Initially concentrating on hire it grew to incorporate, Field Services, Sales, Supplies, Engineering, Pond Decommissioning, Fabrication and Environmental Recycling Services for the mining and oil and gas sector. The main business has nurtured other businesses now under the PSAH Group banner.


PSAH’s Engineering department is a strong and growing sector within the PSAH group. Initially our engineering business came in as an external supplier to PSAH and was heavily involved in expansion works across various sites. There was synergy happening fostering an excellent business relationship, this alignment eventuated to a realisation that a merger would benefit both businesses going forward. The owner of the engineering business is an integral part still, has built a talented team and continues to lead the engineering department which is going from strength to strength.

Training and Recruitment

PSAH Training and Recruitment is a bolt on partner of the PSAH Group, the amalgamation with a registered RTO was a sensible partnership due to industry positioning. Training and Recruitment offers industry relevant courses within civil construction, oil and gas, mining and to PSAH Pipeline Supplies and Hire ourselves. Training and Recruitment continue to develop its offering and will soon be offering additional courses which will support PSAH’s new venture within our Drone Services business.

Drone Services

Drone Services is PSAH Group’s new baby and launched in October 2023. As a new offering to PSAH existing and new clients Drone Services offers surveying and inspection services within both mining and oil and gas sectors. Drones Services offers the opportunity to PSAH clients to streamline pipeline management with data rich accuracy as Drone Services is currently moving towards securing licence to fly out of line of sight, this will allow extensive surveying and inspection services reducing clients costs and improving time efficiency in managing each project.