Welcome to the PSAH Services Page. We offer a diverse range of solutions to meet the specific needs of your project, leveraging our expertise with a focus on efficiency, precision, and environmental responsibility, we're dedicated to elevating your projects to new heights.

McElroy equipment ready for sale

McElroy Equipment Sales

We are extremely proud to be a certified distributor of McElroy fusion equipment throughout Australia with branches servicing all states. Our relationship with McElroy has spanned over a decade and will continue to long into the future.


We are a McElroy certified rental company and we specialise in maintaining top quality rental machines with a first-class support service from our dedicated workshop and field service team.

McElroy equipment on truck for hire delivery
PSAH Parts Warehouse

Spare Parts

As a certified McElroy partner, we can support your project and provide an extensive range of McElroy parts and accessories supported by our 24/7 technical and mechanical support team in field services.

Workshop and Servicing

All our specialised mechanics operating in the field and at our dedicated workshop are trained by our fully qualified McElroy master mechanic, our mechanics and electricians are certified and authorized to service all McElroy equipment regardless of location for your peace of mind.

PSAH service truck
Pipeline joint with custom fabrication t-piece

HDPE Fabrication and Fittings

At PSAH we understand time costs money, in supporting your project we will fabricate to your specifications in a clean environment, reducing delays and allowing your team to continue in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We undertake all types of general and structural metal fabrication. Our work can range from minor repairs to customizing and manufacturing to high specifications for your project, quality build is a guarantee.

Lathes in the PSAH engineering division
PSAH vehicle at a decommissioned pond removing pond lining

Resource Sector Decommissioning

We are uniquely positioned using bespoke machinery designed and built by our team at PSAH to reduce the environmental impact associated with mining through pond decommissioning. This will aid in protecting the industry now and in the future.


At PSAH we have a passion for the environment. Throughout or on completion of your project we effortlessly remove HDPE, chipped for ease of transportation from decommissioned sites. This process aids to reduce the detrimental environmental impact associated with in industry.

Polyethylene plastic pipelines ready for recycling

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