At PSAH Pty Ltd, we believe in shaping a sustainable future for the mining industry, where responsible decommissioning practices play a pivotal role. Recycling emerges as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, particularly when it comes to the removal of HDPE pipes from decommissioned mining sites.

Why Choose PSAH Pipe Recycling?

Effortless Mine Site Decommissioning

We understand the significance of seamless mine site decommissioning and reclamation. PSAH makes the process effortless, helping with HDPE pipe and pond liner removal, along with a range of products and services to meet your project’s unique requirements.

Disused pipelines ready for collection and recycling
Decommissioned pipelines ready for recycling

Environmental Responsibility

PSAH is not just a player in pipelines and civil construction; we are passionate about the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our efforts to effortlessly remove HDPE from decommissioned sites, ensuring it is chipped for ease of transportation. By doing so, we actively contribute to reducing the detrimental environmental impact associated with the industry.

Diverse Range of Pipeline Equipment

Leveraging our expertise in pipelines and civil construction, PSAH boasts one of the largest and most diverse ranges of pipeline equipment available today. We bring this knowledge to the forefront to streamline the HDPE recycling process, making it efficient and eco-friendly.

Pipelines waiting for recycling after being decommissioned