McElroy Equipment Sales

PSAH proudly serves as your trusted McElroy certified distributor across Australia, dedicated to delivering top-of-the-range fusion equipment. From the initial sale to ongoing after-sales service, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives our every action. Leveraging our depth of industry experience, we collaborate with you to ensure that any McElroy machine that we sell will meet your specific needs, including adherence to any Australian standard safety requirements. This effort ensures a seamless integration onto any site, offering you peace of mind and a reliable solution for your fusion needs.

Discover Unrivalled Innovation with McElroy Fusion Machines

For over 70 years, McElroy has stood as the undisputed leader in fusion technology. Pioneering groundbreaking innovations, McElroy Fusion Machines are renowned for their durability and precision. If you know fusion, you know that McElroy sets the gold standard.

McElroy fusion machines
McElroy fusion equipment

Why Choose McElroy Fusion Machines?

Proven Toughness: McElroy Fusion Machines are recognized as the toughest in the world, built to withstand the rigors of any job site.

Innovative Solutions: Benefit from McElroy’s patented Centerline guidance systems, ensuring perfect pressure, heat, and pipe facing. Additionally, the Tracked Fusion machines offer unparalleled job site maneuverability.

Explore Our Comprehensive McElroy Equipment Range

At PSAH Pty Ltd, we offer a full spectrum of McElroy Equipment, catering to diverse needs and applications. Our range covers sizes from 32mm to 2000mm, available in metric, ISO, and Imperial dimensions. Here’s a glimpse of our featured products:

EquipmentOutside Diameter
Talon™ 20001400mm – 2000mm
MegaMc® 1648450mm – 1200mm
TracStar® 1200450mm – 1200mm
TracStar® 900355mm – 900mm
TracStar® 630225mm – 630mm
TracStar® 500 series III160mm – 500mm
TracStar® 618160mm – 450mm
TracStar® 412110mm – 315mm
DynaMc® 250 EP63mm – 250mm
PitBull 1432mm – 110mm
DataLogger® 7
Capture the most important data from your fusion job site
McElroy pipeline fusion machine in the field

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